Another Wonderful Autumn Day…and Round-Abouts

* Updated with more photos.

Took a nice short drive and hike with the dogs out and around Knik River Road and the river it self. We first stopped at an area where you can drive down to the Knik River. Played around a bit there then continued on down the road and stopped at a river, Hunter Creek, that I’ve never checked out before, just driven by. Really a nice river to hike up and around. Next time I’ll spend some more time exploring this area.

After spending some time at Hunter Creek I headed back towards home. On the way I wanted to checkout the new Trunk Rd. round-about that I’ve been hearing about. One, it’s not finished yet, though very close, and two, it’s a lame excuse for a round-about. When finished if looks like it will only have three, that’s 3, turnoffs. What the fuck, you call that a round-about? And to think that there are people already complaining about how dangerous it is. Give me fucking break, dangerous? You have to be kidding. I can’t help it if 3/4ths of the drivers around here have no, that’s NO, clue how to drive. Then comes along something that makes intersections easier to navigate, just a bit different, and all hell happens. It’s a shame, now all these ditch diving idjits wont have time to text or carry on a conversation on their cellphone at a stop light. Damn people are stupid.

Anyway, now that my rant is done (for now), here are some photos from today.

Knik River Reflections

Knik River Reflections 092210.01.1024

Knik River Reflections 092210.02.1024

Knik River View 092210.01.1024

Knik River View 092210.02.1024

Hunter Creek with full Autumn colors.

Hunter Creek 092210.03.1024

Hunter Creek 092210.04.1024

Hunter Creek 092210.01.1024

Hunter Creek 092210.02.1024

Hunter Creek with Marcus Baker Glacier in the far background

Hunter Creek with Marcus Baker Glacier in far distance 092210.01.1024

Marcus Baker Glacier

Marcus Baker Glacier 092210.01.1024

Mountain Views

Hunter Creek View 092210.01.1024

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