Short Outing

Short is the word, short of daylight. This time of year the Sun rises at about 10am and sets about 3:30pm, making for a short time period to be outdoors in the Sun.

Headed out today not knowing where I was going. I saw that there was fog rising near Palmer, so I headed that direction. Yeah, the Sun was out and feeling warm, but I thought the fog would be cool to take photos of. Arriving in Palmer I decided to head out Maud Rd. in the direction of Jim Lake. After hiking up a ridge that rises above Jim Lake the views were wonderful. Fog in one direction and clear blue sky the other. But, I was only there for about 10 minutes and the fog rolled in thick, but then again, rolled out. Cool shit.

After spending some time in the fog, I headed out to Wolverine Rd to see how the views out there would be.

Some of the photos from today.

Driving out Maud Rd.

Maud Rd 120810.01.1024

Maud Rd 120810.02.1024

Frosty and Foggy in black ‘n white

Foggy n Frosty BW 120810.01.1024

Foggy n Frosty BW 120810.02.1024

Looking toward Pioneer Peak.

Foggy n Frosty 120810.01.1024

Mountains emerging from the fog.

Emerging From The Fog 120810.01.1024

Views 120810.01.1024

Hoar Frost.

Hoar Frost 120810.01.1024

Wolverine Rd. view just before Sunset.

Wolverine View 120810.01.1024

From Lazy Mountain, I think Mt Redoubt.

Mt Redoubt from Lazy Mountain 120810.01.1024

Young Baldy

Young Baldy 120810.01.1024 

Sunset over Knik Valley

Sunset over the valley 120810.01.1024

Gertie enjoying the snow.

Gertie 120810.01.1024

’til next time

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