Long Over Due Post

A Lot and not a lot has been going on in my life.

The a lot first I guess. Well, I’m truly living on my own now. With Jan living elsewhere and now Maddie, her daughter, has moved out to live with some friends. She, Maddie that is,  also will be moving back to England this coming March 10th. I’m in the process of moving into Maddie’s old room, it’s a much larger room and has some really nice large south facing windows. I had to move all her stuff out of the room and place it at the top of the stairs ’cause she couldn’t seem to get her butt over to more is out. Just the other day Jan came by, we talked, she saw Maddie’s stuff, and came back later with her to pick up a bunch of it.

The biggest, and hardest, part of being here myself is getting the rent paid. I’m working on a couple different things to help me out, but they all take time, and in the mean time it’s really hard. I’ve grown to like this place, and would like to make it a home, instead of just a place. I just don’t know at this point, time will tell I guess.

Now for the ‘not a lot’ stuff. Working, that’s about all really. I haven’t had the money to even take the dogs out for runs lately, that and the weather on my days off hasn’t been all that great.

Guess I’m sort of running out of steam and thing to say, though I really do have lots to say, just don’t know how.

Here is a photo from this morning on my drive to work during sunrise.

Sunrise Drive To Work 012811.1024.01

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