Life As It Were

So it’s been some time since my last post, sorry, but I really haven’t had much to say, out loud anyway, nor have I had the money to get out. Yeah, so life can really suck at times, really suck, like now. The only saving grace is my best friend Dawn and my ex-wife Jan. Dawn is always there for me via phone, and now I know that Jan is there/here willing to stop by and check up on me. Thank You both! Oh, and I can’t forget my dogs, they rely on me so hence I rely on them. Anyway, I’m in he hole to the landlord by about $1000, as of today. Next week it will be $1500.

I do so wish I could get my old job with LTBB, only working remotely. LTBB really needs someone that can manage their website, and in a timely manner. I’m the person. I know the code inside and out, I wrote the damn thing, and it’s getting fucked up. If I say any more I’ll get in trouble. Shhh

I don’t know, thought I had lots to say, ran out of words I guess. Such is life, running out.

There, the truth is out, some of it anyway.

Ran to the store today and on the way took these shots.

Pioneer Peak 040911.01.1024

Pioneer Peak 040911.02.1024

Sleepy Mountain 040911.01.1024

Wasilla Views 040911.01.1024

Wasilla Views 040911.02.1024

’til next time

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