Willow Fishhook

Been waiting for this day for some time now. a day out with the dogs. I was going to just head over to Palmer then up into the Jim Lake area, but instead, I headed north up to Willow then out Fishhook Rd. This road runs along Willow Creek then up through Hatcher Pass, though this time of year the pass isn’t open yet due to snow, so it only goes as far as the Lucky Strike Gold Mine. The road up to that point is clear and dry, but once you get to the mine site, roads are still dry, but the snow banks are about 10ft along the road. The road stops there, no further, stop, do not pass go. I may be wrong, but I thought that the road crew started “punching” a hole through the snow up to Hatcher Pass about this time of year. I’ll have to check last year’s blog to see when I drove up through and past the mine.

Anyway, was just wonderful, and I mean fucking wonderful, just to get out again.

Oh, and I just have to rub it in . We had a high temp of  74

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