Slow Day

Not much going on today. We got a nice bit of rain this morning, and hoping for more later, we need it. Though with the rain we did get, the wild flowers should be popping up. I need to get up and see if Archangel Rd. is open yet, I would think it is by now.

Posting a few photos from a few weeks ago up on Willow Fishhook Rd.

Willow Creek

Willow Creek 052311.03.1024


Fishhook Rd. near Lucky Shot gold mine. Photo doesn’t show the depth of the snow, but the banks were as tall as my Jeep.

Willow Fishhook 052311.02.1024

Lucky Shot Mine

Lucky Shot Mine 052311.01.1024

Grubstake Gulch

Grubstake Gulch 052311.01.1024

Gertie enjoying the last bit of snow

Gertie Enjoying The Snow 052311.01.1024

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