Bliss Store & Walk-About

Went Shopping yesterday to get stocked up a bit, then arriving home I realized I have forgotten jalapeno peppers for all the natcho fixin’s I got.
So, today we headed out to get peppers. First went to the Bliss store, I haven’t been there in many years and it hasn’t changed a bit. As you walk into the store it’s like stepping back in time, just about everything you would want, just very small quantities, and even a few things I haven’t seen in many many years, and found nowhere else. Anyway, they were out of peppers, but we picked up a couple other goodies, then headed to the store in Cross Village.
At the Cross Village store I found a magazine I haven’t seen in some time, Porcupine Press. Oh, and got the jalapeno peppers there to.
Because we live so close to Wycamp Lake, I decided to take that route home.
After arriving home, thought it was a good idea to take the dogs out for a walk, so we walked down to the creek behind the house. Really quite nice back there.

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