Autumn Colors – 09.23.11

So we headed to Petoskey so that I could return the stuff to Lowes from the other day. Picked up a couple other “needs”, then headed toward home. On the way home I thought it would be nice to take two-tracks the whole way, so we did. The first trail to start the journey was Chadderdon Rd. which wanders behind Nub’s Nob. Gave Gertie (my Jeep) a nice little workout climbing up to a spot I knew about, she climbed it like it was nothing. After letting the dogs run a bit, headed off to trails I haven’t seen in years…on toward home making a 25 mile drive into probably about 50. Felt damn good to be back on the trails again.

Was beautiful mostly sunny day, then upon arriving home, a bit of rain came through, and sure enough, a rainbow. I swear, I have never seen so many rainbows in the same location. Then came the sunset.

Autumn Colors

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