Petoskey Breakwall – 10.15.11

The day started out one blustry, windy, sideways rainy day. So what did we decide to do… go to the Charlevoix Apple Festival. I had to get some fresh apple cider!
Driving down to Charlevoix was a bit of a challenge with the wind blowing me all over the road and the rain in sheets. But sure enough, soon as we got to town the rain stopped all but a sprinkle, though the winds were still blowing. Most of the vender stands were closed due to the winds, but I got what I came for.

Drove back to Petoskey and grocery shopped for the next two weeks, well close anyway.

These are some photos from the Petoskey Breakwall today.

’til next time


  1. Awesome pixs Ed nice shooting, I always appriciate the great photo’s that you share with your fans. keep up the great works. n

  2. it still amazes me how you can take a picture and it looks better than when you saw it in person. you have a gift.

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