Last Days in Alaska

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Not doing much today, just relaxing and having turkey later.

There is a thread doing on in the Alaska forum on City-Data about things that people miss while living in Alaska.

Things I missed while living in Alaska.

Now take into account that I lived in the Mat-Su Valley and didn’t have the time to explore all the areas of the state I wanted to.

Big hardwood trees.
Lake Superior / Fresh water
Storms, big storms, Summer and Winter.
Big snow, though it seems this year is different, so far.
The ability to be in the middle of nowhere without another person around, without having to drive or hike for miles/hours.
Not having to drive in rat race traffic daily.
Seeing wildlife of all sorts on a daily basis.
Pizza. I just never found a pizza I really liked in AK.
A couple other food items, but minor.
Not having to lock my doors, house or car. Crime and theft is almost nonexistent where I’m at.

Now for what I miss, or will miss, about Alaska.

The Mountains.
Hiking in the mountains.
Crisp clear winter days.
Cooler summers.
The photo opportunities.
Much less expensive meats, beef and pork.
Fresher veggies. Yeah, sounds strange but true, with the exception of all the fresh fruits in autumn.
New areas to explore.
The people you can meet and instantly strike up a conversation. Though in the UP it’s mostly the same.

I’m sure I’ll be thinking of many more…

The following photos are from my last couple days in Alaska.

’til next time

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