Hello and welcome to my new blog. New design, same old crap. :)

New, yes a new design to my blog. I wanted to start using WordPress instead of B2Evo as the blog engine, so here it is.
The process of converting over to WP went mostly good with the exception of the images, most moved over, but some didn’t.

Another issue with the images is that any of the older ones, past just a day or two, are no longer click-able to view it at a higher resolution.
The goods news is that you can right click and choose view image, but only in Firefox or Google Chrome, for some reason Microsoft Internet Explorer doesn’t have that option, well not IE8 anyway. You shouldn’t be using IE anyway, it’s crap.

Any new photos posted will have a smaller thumbnail, though when clicked, a larger 1024 image will be shown in a Lightbox.

The categories also didn’t convert over, so until I get that fixed any older images are not linked up to a category.

There is still quite a bit of work to be done here, but I’m going live anyway.

This post is a “sticky”, so to view any posts newer then this one, scroll down.

Hope you enjoy the new look.

Just because, a photo. 🙂

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