Wolf on Keweenaw Point

I haven’t posted these before, so here they are.

We were setting along the shore enjoying the wonderful view near the rocket launch site at the very tip on the Keweenaw Peninsula. I thought it would be a good time to get moving, but as I stood up, something caught the corner of my eye. Looking across a small bay I saw it…a wolf. Thoughts were running through my head, photos, gather the dogs, shit, photos, gather the dogs, shit. We were able to get the dogs on their lead’s and I started firing shots off with the camera.

 Wolf at High Rock Bay - Keweenaw 093012.01.1024

Wolf at High Rock Bay - Keweenaw 093012.02.1024

Wolf at High Rock Bay - Keweenaw 093012.03.1024

Wolf at High Rock Bay - Keweenaw 093012.04.1024

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