Random Photos from Autumn 2013 and Our Trip To Marquette

More from a previous post. Most of these images are from Marquette and Baraga Counties – Made a trip to Marquette this past weekend for a wedding Dawn was in. Didn’t have much time for photos, but still got in a few.

Burch Leaves 092713.01.1024

Autumn Birch

Deck in Fog 092713.01.1024

Deck in Fog

Jeep on Abbaye Point 092413.01.1024

Wood Bridge 092413.01.1024

Abbaye Point Shoreline 092413.01.1024

Abbaye Point Shoreline 092413.02.1024

Lake Superior Stones 092713.01.1024

Dead River Bridge 092613.01.1024

Powerhouse Falls 092413.01.1024

Pinnacle Falls 092413.01.1024

Lake Michigamme 092413.01.1024

Huron River 092513.01.1024

Lilly Pond 092713.01.1024

Autumn Colors 092913.01.1024

Eastern Bluebird 092913.01.1024

Sunset 093013.01.1024

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