Out For A Drive

Like I said earlier, I headed out for a drive today to try and clear my head a bit. Did it work? A little, but not much. Drives just aren’t the same without Dawn, they’re not much fun now.

Anyway, drove out through L’Anse and on to the Huron River and Big Erik’s Bridge. I wanted to see if any water was flowing, well, it was, but it was under ice and snow. Oh well, drive on. I followed Erik’s Road until Anderson’s Corner and turned around. I took a video of the drive back, but I’m still trying to shrink it down for posting.

After crossing Erik’s Bridge again I drove toward the mouth of the Huron River and to my surprise it was plowed all most the whole way. Got out for a walk along the shore of Lake Superior, took a couple photos and head back home.

The drive up Erik’s Road was nice anyway.

Edit – I was able to upload the video. The ride starts on Ford Rd. to Northwestern Rd, on to Erik’s Rd and ending at Erik’s Bridge.

Huron Islands, as seen from the shore five miles out in Lake Superior.

Huron River

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