Garbage News

Yeah, news about garbage. To make a long story a little shorter, I have an out building (barn) full of household trash/garbage. Now the reason for this is part laziness and part no garbage pickup in this area. So since owning the place, we started out just being here every other weekend, so we just put the garbage in the barn. Then we moved here and kept forgetting that Saturday is the day to take the garbage down the road to where a truck is for a couple hours for everyone in the area to drop off their garbage at $2.00 a bag. So as time went on, the garbage was piling up, and up. Well, after calling many places for either curb-side pickup or dumpster drop-off, everyone said no, they don’t do that. So today thought I’d call KBIC again to see if they would/could do something for me, and they said yes. Yay! They can’t drop a dumpster off until the first week in May, but that’s fine, it give the ground some time to dry and firm up where it will be place. The real good thing is the price, $100 total for the drop-off and pickup.
This is the best news I’ve had in close to a year.

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