Yard Work

10:30 AM and a sunny warm 51°F and rising fast.
I have half my yard work done and hauled to the burn pile. Trying to do as much as I can in the open non-snowy spots. I have to roll it down early before the snow gets too soft to pull the cart over it, as the snow can still be close to 2 feet deep in areas.

Update 3:15 PM – Well, I got quite a bit done today, on a day I didn’t know what I was going to do. I got an area that needed weeding and cleaning since moving here, the pile from earlier, and raked up some sections of the back yard that didn’t have snow but did have quite a bit ( a winter’s worth) of dog shit and bird seed shells. I even got the lawn tractor out to cut down some weeds in the earlier spot that needed cleaning up.
Not much more I can do at this point in time, too much snow on the ground. Either way, was a pretty productive day and I feel good about it. Tomorrow I think I’ll go check out a waterfall or two.

Path down to burn pile

Snow depth of 22.5″ at the burn pile

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