Garbage News II

The other day I called to confirm the dump trailer, as they call it, drop-off and pick-up dates. To my disappointment, they said they could leave the trailer as long as I would have liked due to them needing all trailers to be ready for their spring cleanup program. Bummer! I agreed anyway because I need it and the barn needs to be emptied. So yesterday I on my way to grocery shop, I stopped by to pay for the drop-off and pick-up, in doing so, I asked if there was a chance they could drop off the trailer today (it was Friday) and keep it until next Friday. The girl called her boss and he said yes, Yay. She said they would call before coming and it would be later in the afternoon, that’s fine. I went on to get my groceries and back home to wait for the call. Well time went on until it got to about 4:30 PM without a call, so I tried calling them and got no answer. Crap! Oh well I thought, they’ll bring it tomorrow, Saturday. Right around 5:30 PM I was about to let the dogs in and as I passed the front door, there they were just backing into the drive, Yay. They asked where I’d like it placed so I told them just straight back to the side of the barn. They parked it, and said to call anytime I wanted to have it picked up and off they went.
Now the work, some real shitty work, will begin.

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