Big Land Clearing Done

Mowing for the day, and hopefully for a few days. I did some pretty extensive clearing of weeds around the orchard today, can get to just about all the apple trees without getting into tall weedy tick land. The only areas I didn’t get cleaned/cleared up is where there are tree limbs and the land is just too rough. What paths that a left are all twice as wide as they were, so that makes it nicer walking. Well that’s done, now to see if I bother to keep it up.
The apple trees themselves are just about to burst into bloom, any day now. The cherry and pear are starting to blossom now.
I took some photos with my phone as I was mowing and after I was done.

Side Yard with Apple Orchard

Part of Apple Orchard

Incoming Storm


Pano of Back Yard

Pano of Side Yard with Apple Orchard

Cherry Blossoms Just Starting

Part of Apple Orchard

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