Fuck It All

That’s really all I have. Fuck everything. Those are my feelings. At some point soon, there’s a very good chance I’ll be homeless. Without a home, I have no job, without a job, I can’t have a home, so fuck it. To top that shit off, Grizwald had a very bad day yesterday. He shit 5 times in the house, and I don’t think he even knew what was happening, it just happened. He seems better today. Of course I haven’t slept, all I’ve done is cry, so fuck it. Grizwald’s time might be near, as mine could be to. Fuck it. I will carry on today as normal, work and go grocery shopping at lunch time, why, I have no idea. I might go out for a drive Sunday just to get out of the house. Wish I could take the boys with me, but Giz can’t travel at all.
I can’t type any more, my chest hurts and I’m shaking too much.
Fuck it all


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