Campground – Day 6

Chilly-ish morning here. Temp was down to around 40°, though some areas in the UP were down in the low 30s. I turned on the heat in the camper, but it only lasted a few minutes before running out of gas…bummer. I’ll swap out a new tank later today so I have heat again.
The sunrise was beautiful this morning. I need to get down to the shore, which is very close, to get some photos one of these mornings.
Anyway, I guess that’s it for this morning.

To be continued…

Turned out to be a pretty nice day, weather wise. High temp was in the low 70s with mostly sunny skies. The dogs and I spent a little time sitting outside, they just laid there sniffing and watching, while I started a new book.
Campers are slowly starting to roll in, some are really nice big rigs. My guess is, is that tomorrow will be a busy day around here.
No news today about my mortgage, and the sellers will be out of town over the holiday weekend, so I guess I just sit here with the boys and watch the people. If I can get my ass moving one of these mornings, I’ll try to get a sunrise photo or two. Well see I guess.

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