Campground – Day 7

My 7th day here starts out with rain, thunder and lightning, with a temp in the upper 50s. At some point today I need to go into Houghton for dog food and a few groceries. I have to make the trip as fast as possible due to the dogs being left in the camper.

To be continued…

Well, the place seems to be getting fuller, but not completely full yet.
While I was in Houghton, the thunderstorms were rocking there, even in the store you could hear and feel the thunder. Back at the campground, mostly sunny skies and temps in the upper 70s.
While in Houghton, I needed to go to Walmart (I hate that fucking place) to buy a vacuum, I left mine back at my old home in hopes it would help with the cleaning. That was a fucking mistake, I should have kept it. Anyway, I need a vacuum now to clean the camper of dog hair. I picked up just a cheap Dust-devil, it seems to do the trick here though.
My weekend plans? To do fuck all. I don’t have much choice.

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