Campground – Day 8

It’s the first day of September and first day of Meteorological Autumn. We had some pretty good thunderstorms over night, again, and it was a warm/hot night with temps only going down to the upper 60s. Looking around, the campground looks to be packed full, though I wonder if they are here for the whole weekend or will some move on to other places. It’s 8:00 AM and still very quiet out there, we’ll see how long that lasts.
At some point today I need to go get some propane, as the refrigerator doesn’t seem to work on electric power, just propane. Other than that, I guess I’ll just be sitting back watching the people.

To be continued…

Was nice to see and bullshit with someone this evening, a couple of people from work came up for the weekend. I’m going to show them a couple easy to get to waterfalls tomorrow, they want to see some.
It’s so fucking humid tonight that I can’t run the air in the camper too long due to condensation developing on the ceiling, so much so it drips.

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