Campground – Day 15

Chilly morning to start the day, it was 45°. It looked like a beautiful sunrise, but I could be assed to walk out and get any photos. Today is Saturday, what to do? Fuck all is what to do, just fucking sit around.
I heard from my lender last night, he just received the foundation certification and was concerned, but I told him that I believe it’s all completed as of two days ago. He said good. I have to get re-cert on the foundation and re-appraisal to show that the couple of things are done. I told my lender that this end of the campground closes for the season on the 17th of this month, though I can move to the other end at that time. He said okay, so we have about 10 to get this house closed on. That’s good news, but I don’t see it happening that quite with the 2 re-certs needed, though it sure does sound like we’re ready to go afterward. He knows that both myself and the seller want to get this over with as soon as possible, even sooner.
I need to get out of this fucking camper.

To be continued…

Well, didn’t do a fucking thing today with the exception of sitting outside with the dogs. Other than that, I took a nap to help the time go by faster. It’s gotten to the point that I hate weekends, at least while I’m in this fucking campground.
In the evenings I’ve started watching a pretty good show on Hulu, it’s called Chance, with Hugh Laurie.

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