Campground – Day 23

One last hot and humid day in store here. Woke up to cloudy, maybe foggy, skies and a temp of 65°. It’s forecast it clear up later. Later today, if most these people leave early enough, I plan to scope out a new site to move to tomorrow. I should also go get the propane tanks filled, as next week it will be much cooler at night and I might want a little heat in the mornings. Other than that, just another day of doing nothing.
On a different note – I haven’t slept in my bed in about 6 weeks. Part of that time was due to Grizwald not being able to get up the steps to the bedroom, but most is being in this damn camper.
Also, I wish I would get a phone call to talk.

Not having a good day at all, not like any of my days are good, but this one seems much worse. I keep breaking down and crying. Trying to keep a little busy by cleaning up, but it’s not helping at all. I feel like I want everything to end, everything.


Another $300 down the tube. Just got my next campsite to be moved into later tomorrow. I just hope that we can close on the house before this site runs out of time and I have to move again. We should be able to close before that, at least that’s the way it sounds.
My mental state is going down hill fast staying here, and I’m not sure what to do about it, if anything.

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