Stereo Setup

I couldn’t sleep at all for some reason, so I got up and made coffee at 1:00 AM.
The winds are howling and the temp has dropped from 55° when I got up to 42° now at 4:00 AM.
Anyway, I watched a little TV and thought I might as well get something done so I setup my stereo. Connected it to the TV, cable box and turntable. At this time I only have the front speakers (two mains, center and sub) setup. I’m not sure yet where to mount the surround/back speakers. At least now will have music while unpacking.
Today I need to get a handful of things from the truck put into the quonset once there’s daylight, then I have to return the truck. While I’m in town I plan to do some needed shopping.


Got a good chunk of shopping done after returning the truck. Spent more money than expected, but it was all stuff I needed, like a new vacuum. I ended up getting another Shark vacuum, only this one has twice the size canister, so I don’t have to empty it quite as soon.
Other than shopping, I got a little sorted out in the house and got my weather station in a temp location. The weather station isn’t posting to the web yet because Charter doesn’t come to install until the 15th.
I’ll say one more thing…I feel beat up from the moving.
All my bones are broken.
’til next time…Laters

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