Coat Rack Hung

Finally got my old coat rack hung near the front door, the newer log rack I’m going to hang in my bed room. This job took a number of days due to it being drywall and nothing I tried worked. So, I looked on Amazon for drywall anchors and read the reviews. The photo below is very similar to what I picked up at TrueValue this morning. You drill a 1/2″ hole, slide the steel end in and make sure it flattens out, then push the plastic piece up tight to the wall and last, break off the plastic bits that everything is attached to. These are by far the best and easiest I have ever used. Also, each one will hold up to 80 pounds, much more than I needed but stronger the better.

Other than that, not much going on today besides more unpacking. I did go grocery shopping, yippee.

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