Sorting Out TV

I’m still working out what streaming service(s) will work for me. There are so many options available but only a couple are what I want, and or need. Even if I don’t find a streaming service that will work for me, all the movies and such that can be accessed through the Roku is amazing.
I’m also still unpacking, bit by bit. I can only do a couple things every day or so, it hurts too much.

Update – So far it looks like either Hulu or PlayStation Vue Access (a PlayStation isn’t needed) and Vue has the lead. Spectum is costing $68.00 per month, with Vue at $45.00 and Hulu Live at $40.00. I really want AMC channel and Hulu doesn’t carry it and it doesn’t sound very promising that they will. Vue doesn’t have Detroit sports, but it’s $5.00 a month extra, though if I wanted it I could just pay for the couple months I watch it. Both have my local channel.
Now the question is, do I want to switch to save $23.00 a month. Hmm

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