The past couple days Griz hasn’t been breathing well, as if he’s congested or something. We were outside yesterday, and he was enjoying himself taking baths in the snow. He has always loved rolling in the snow. I feel so sorry for him and wish he could talk to tell me what he wants or needs.
Other news… I wish I could get out and about today as it’s forecast to be up in the low 40s for temps, and with some sunshine, but I just don’t dare with the crap car I have. I’ve been looking for another car/truck, but just not finding much within my price range. Sure, are are many in my price range, but not that will take me out to where I need to go safely.
Thanksgiving was really quiet, not even a text to say hi or anything.
One more thing… I’m having a hard time dealing with the stench in this house. I can’t get rid of the smell of rotting death. The smell isn’t everywhere, mainly around the kitchen. I’ve cleaned and cleaned and fucking cleaned, but it wont go away. Fuck this place and every part of my life.

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