Shitty Weather

Really crappy shitty weather today. We had about 2 inches of snow this morning, but now the temp is up to 37°F with light rain. I went grocery shopping in L’Anse early this morning, so now I’m just basically doing nothing.
Anyway, here’s another photo of the Eagle Harbor Lighthouse from yesterday. Using my largest lens, a 150-500mm, and switching my camera from Full Frame to APSC format, 1.5x making it a 750mm, I was able to get a much closer shot.
I took a bunch of shots trying to time the lantern as it was lit in my direction, counting as I was timing it.

Update – I worked up another photo of the shore very similar to one I posted yesterday. I just really enjoy the way they look.

Eagle Harbor Lighthouse

Esrey Park – Keweenaw Peninsula

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