Quonset Wood Furnace

Again I thought of heading out for a drive, but it’s just gloomy and crappy out, so I headed to the shop.
I gave the picture frame a light sanding and another coat of poly, and I that should do it. After cleaning up the paint brush I headed back out to the shop to just piddle around, and while I was out there I thought, fuck it, I going to try and fire up the old wood furnace. It took awhile to figure out how the damn thing worked and what the 2 blowers did. There is an electrical box on the side of the furnace that controls the 2 blowers, one is a small blower that controls the burn rate and the large blower can be set to kick on at a certain temp, then that blows the warm air out a huge pipe at the top. It works pretty well, I just need some wood to burn, then I can have a warm shop.
The first photo is of the picture frame, though it doesn’t really show how nice it really looks. I’m sure it will after I put the photo in it. (the white within the frame is some poly that will dry clear.)
The second photo is the furnace.

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