Taxes Done

I got my W2 in the mail today and my other tax papers the past few days, so I did my taxes. Looks like I should have enough for tires. I need to figure out how in the fuck I’m going to afford a lawn tractor before summer.
Also today, I got the driveway all cleaned up after the ice/sleet/ snow from the other day and snow from last night. Now for the next snow and it sounds like it could be a pretty big one. There’s a winter storm warning out for over a foot of snow for us later Thursday through Friday morning. NWS says it will be a fast and hard hitting storm with snow rates of 2+ inches per hour possible. I think I’ll go do my shopping tomorrow morning because it looks like I’ll be busy clearing snow Friday.
One more thing, the “friendly four”, as I call them, are getting quite use to me and let me stand just a couple feet away as they eat. They come around just about the same time everyday, and if I don’t have feed out there for them, they come around the house and peek in my side window food shaming me. lol

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