No Sleep…Again

This is the second time this week I have woken up coughing with a tickle in my throat that won’t go away. With being quite busy yesterday and having to work quite late into the evening (I was informed that the Tribal Council primary list needed to be posted by midnight and didn’t get the list until around 9:00 PM), I was tired and felt like I could really sleep. No Dice. So I’ve fired up the pellet stove and made coffee. The pellet stove, well yesterday I picked up 4 bags of pellets from Tractor Supply and I have to say that they are much better quality than the stuff I’ve been burning, they even look different. They seem to burn hotter and with less ash. I only have 4 40# bags left of the 2 tons I got last fall, so I’m thinking I’ll start getting a few bags every Friday when I go shopping. I can make one bag last almost 3 days now ever since I’ve worked/fixed/cleaned the pellet stove.

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