Long Day

Left home at a little before 7:00 AM and got to work at noon and now in my room as of about 7:30 PM. Yeah, it’s quite a mess the place is in because of the ransomware that they got hit by. The FBI has been there for a couple days, I met one of them. I heard that a few places around Petoskey got hit by the same ransomware. Not one server is running, not one, they all have to be rebuilt. Our priority is the accounting server, web server and health/clinic servers. I have the OS’s installed on both the web and accounting, and most the software is installed on the accounting server also. Regina, tribal chairperson, met me at the door to say thank you for coming down. Tomorrow will most likely be another long day, but I should have both the servers I’m working on up and running and ready to go by end of day. Not sure how long I’ll be here, either leave Monday sometime, or work again all day Monday and leave Tuesday morning.
Right now I’m waiting for pizza to be delivered.
The boys did really well, even Griz, being in the car all day. Just hope they can do the same for the next couple days.

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