Sunday in P-Town

Spent the day at work working on servers. I have the web server up and live, but with only an image showing, the real site will be uploaded once I get home. The accounting server is also ready to go, all software is running with somewhat currant data, as of the 11th when I made a backup before the migration to a new server. I’ll be at work again tomorrow, Monday, for the day to get a couple more servers running. Tuesday morning I head home, and the boys will be happy about that, they’re having a rough being in the car for hours on end just laying there. I do go out every so often to see them and let them out.
Ya know, I thought it would be kind of good to see Petoskey again, but driving around a bit just shows me that, nope, I don’t miss it. The only things I do miss are Pipers Might Good Pizza and Arby’s.

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