Griz hasn’t been able to walk hardly at all since the trip for work down state. Now for the second day in a row, he isn’t eating, and this isn’t at all like him. That fucking ass trip has really done him in. He was getting around pretty good up until this trip where he had to stay in the fucking car for hours and hours on end with no place to move about.

Update: Monday, Griz is doing better. He slept most the day, but he got up for dinner and met me at the door to go out a couple times. That’s the most movement he has had in a few days now. The past few days it has taken him close to an hour just to get back to the bedroom for bed, we’ll see how he does tonight. I noticed him doing better first thing this morning when he got up and the same time as Eli and I, and he walked most the way out.

Anyway, Griz does seem to be doing better.

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