No More Clunk

Today I replaced the front sway bar end links on the Subie. What a bitch that job was! The end links that were on the Subie I think were the original factory installed ones. This would normally be a fairly easy job, but not these. Once the bolt is loosened, the whole unit starts to turn, this is normal, but the factory ones have a cheesedick setup. What is suppose to happen with the factory one, is you insert an allen key in the end to stop the bolt from turning while you take the nut off. What bullshit that is! These were rusty enough that the allen key stripped out the hole for it. What to do? Damn! Well, I tore off the rubber boot that is around the ball and socket so I could fit some vise grips in there and tighten it down so it wouldn’t turn while taking off the nut. That was still a bitch! Not really sure why, but near the end of the bolt, the nut was super super tight, so it took some real oomph to get the fucker to turn. After spending a few hours getting the two side off, the new after-market ones when right on. The new ones have a spot on the back side to put a wrench on and keep it from spinning. Much better! After that, I cleaned everything up, took a short break and grabbed Eli for a test drive up Menge Creek Rd. No more clunking. Yay!

On the drive, we just went up a ways and turned around, but on the way back I took a trail that headed into the hills. Now Menge Creek Rd goes through a really hilly area, so I took this trail hoping to see a view. Man, there is a really nice view up there, though of course I forgot my camera, but I’m looking forward to getting some autumn photos from up there.

Anyway, I guess that’s it for now, I’m pooped.

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