Hunt For Autumn Colors

Went out yesterday looking to Autumn colors, starting on Covered Road. Covered Road runs from a little outside of Houghton on to Redridge, it’s a pretty drive, but I don’t see how the colors would show due to it being too covered with very tall trees. I then drove into Freda, turned around and took Freda Crosscut Road which heads south east toward Toivola. I took quite a few two-tracks off of the Crosscut Rd., got lost a little, then made it back to M-26. From there I went a little more south and turned on Emily Lake Rd which turns into Pike Lake Rd. Along Pike Lake Rd. I took quite a few stops at the numerous lakes to get some photos. Then on home the back way via Baraga Plains Rd to Menge Creek Rd.
During the day’s drive, I came upon an interesting farm building. A local I know on Facebook to me this about the build…
This is in the Toivola area near the former Heikkinen School. Barn is typical of southeastern Finland near the Russian border and Karelia which I believe now is a part of Russia but once was a part of Finland.
At the end of this post is a video of the drive from Baraga Plains Rd down Mange Creek Rd to home.

Farm Building

Farm Building and Barn

Clear Lake Autumn Colors

Clear Lake Autumn Colors

Clear Lake Autumn Colors

Headwaters of Pike Lake


  1. hello Ed, I’m a flat-lander from Saginaw valley (essexville, MI) and I came across your blog while trying to find more accurate directions to Big Falls on the Huron River. This blog with photos kind of discouraged me, since I’m coming to L’Anse October 13th to chase falls and color. The past two years I have been in The area to your south during the same week only to find the color not yet there. This year it appears I’m going to miss it all together. I could push it and come the week of the 5th if there was a chance of color still remaining. That’s why I’m writing, to get your thoughts on the timing. Mostly I’m interested in color around the waterfalls for my photography. Usually the trees seem greener near those rivers while showing color along the highways. Your photos of the color refelcted in the lakes are really nice by the way. So if you could give me a little schedule guidence I would appreciate that. Tom Clark

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