Not Much Happening, Just New Lighting

’tis a chilly day, though it looks nice out with bright sunny skies. The weather forecast is for a good amount of snow, but so far only a couple passing showers. On the radar it looks like it’s snowing just about everywhere but here. So, because of the forecast I didn’t go anywhere today…again.
What I did do though was take one of the kitchen lights apart to put in an on/off pull. That went okay, but with the newer LED bulbs, it does close up all the way. I wanted the pull because the switch is over to the side and I have kitchen stuff in it’s way, so it’s a pain in the ass to use. Off to Amazon I went to find a cheap replacement. I found the type of light I’ve been looking for for quite some time, a retro Westinghouse flush mount light, and it was only $17.00. The light doesn’t have a pull built into it, but that’s no biggie, I can do that by just using the one I just used. Oh, and yes it will hold the newer LED bulbs. It has chrome around the base, but I think that will look good with the barn wood window frame that the light is above.
Anyway, I guess that’s about all.

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