Since Wednesday during the snowstorm, I have talked with Spectrum internet and cable no less than 5 times about their lines. Two of the talks I called them, and the other three were them calling me. Every time we talked they said there had been an outage and it has been restored, and every time I tell them it’s not an outage, it’s their line that is hanging almost to the ground. Behind the quonset in the woods, the line is just as bad. A tech is coming out today at around 1:00 PM, but he is just a tech and not a linemen, I know this because I’ve had him out many times about my service going in and out. Oddly enough, I do have service now. The tech has told me that the line needs replacing and he has put in a service call to do such, but it never happen. I lose service if the wind blows, if it gets warm out, or if it gets cold.
We shall see if anything gets done today.

Other news… I got the snowblower working again. It was a rock that was jamming the impeller and stopping it from rotating.
I can’t do anything about my car due to everyone is still closed for the holiday. :/

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