Rough Day

The snow storm brought only 6″ here, but it was still enough that I needed to clear the driveway. That’s where the issues began. First of all, my leg, it fucking hurts like a motherfucker when I get walking back and forth. I have to come back into the house to rest my leg and by the time I sit down, I’m almost in tears from the pain. Then more bullshit. The damn cable that engages the drive wheels on the snow blower broke. After multiple jerry-rigging attempts, I got it to work long enough to get the driveway cleared. It took me close to 5 hours to do the drive, with all the stops I have to take for pain, and to do the rigging up the cable. I’ve order a new cable from Amazon and it will be here Wednesday. It’s time like these, among others, where I really wish I had someone to talk to.

Also, I’ve been off from work on PTO and holiday time for 6 days, and not once have I been out to enjoy myself and relieve some of the funk that’s in my head most days.

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