Fixit Parts

Yesterday I got my parts to fix the Subie and the snow blower. While looking at UPS tracking, I noticed that the shipment that had my car part was out for delivery is Lansing, MI… WTF? It turned out that it was just late leaving Lansing for up here. UPS came around 11:00 AM with the snow blower part, but that was all, no Subie part. I checked the tracking again and it said out for delivery here and will arrive by 9:00 PM. I thought, Okay, that’s good, as I do know they come by here twice, once late morning and then in the evening. Well, I was letting Eli out and noticed a big U-haul truck stuck and sideways at the end of my driveway in the road. I went out there and it was UPS, but this driver had never been down here before and didn’t know that the road isn’t plowed often and also didn’t know he could have pulled right into my driveway. I gave him a shovel to use and after about an hour he was on his way again. At least I got my package. Knowing putting on the part for the Subie would be quick, I went ahead and did it. Now I can drive again.
Today I’ll get the snow blower fixed. That will take a little more time, as I have to take more apart and back together. I plan to go grocery shopping to, I’ll out of coffee.

Update: Well, the cable I ordered for the snowblower was too long. Crap! I called Pelkie Outdoor Power Equipment and sure enough, they had the right cable. I saw in their window that they are a Troy-Built dealer. Not sure if it’s an old sign or not, buy at least they had the part.
Now the snowblower is up and working again. If only I could walk without major pain, I would enjoy snowblowing again.

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