Christmas Eve Day

Once again I’ve been up most the night, this time Eli needed to go out around midnight. I did get a couple short naps in, but Eli keeps waking me up to go out again. I think he has the shits. :/
Yesterday I did start and finish the last living room window with barn wood. The hardest part is tearing all the old crap out. It looks so much better now. I’m trying to make this place a home, but it’s been so hard.
Now, what to do today? My back seems to be feeling a bit better, but I haven’t walked any distance yet so I’m not really sure how it is. Also, it’s still a little sore around the front of my hip. I’d like to get out of the house for a drive, but I’m still afraid of my back getting stiff again and I really don’t want that happening. Maybe tomorrow for a drive, after all, Christmas day has no meaning for me these days. No one to even buy a gift for.
So again, what to do? I really have no idea.

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