Faux Beam

What a day! Today I started putting up a barn wood faux beam. The hardest part was taking all the old trim and crap off. While taking it apart, and on one side as I pulled the trim off, fucking seeds and mouse shit starts falling, a fucking shit load of it, from between the drywall. It’s all old and dried up, and I can tell it from before I moved in because all the seeds are the cheap stuff that I never buy. Did these fucktards just let the mice run? WTF???
Okay, so I got all that shit cleaned up, now it was time to start cutting and putting up the wood. One end I had done the other day, today I got the other end up, so now it’s the top parts. Well, that was a little tricky. I wedged one end of a 12 foot board on to the end piece, walked it back to rest on my step ladder, climbed the ladder with the board and put a quick screw in, just enough to hold it in place. Then went to the other end, lined it up and screwed it in, and worked my way back to the other end. Not an easy job. This took me quite a while, one just to figure out how I was going to do it, and two, I thought my screw gun broke. I tried using a really large drill, but it was too much, and I couldn’t find my older screw gun. Well, it turned out just to be a switch on the top of the screw gun that I must have knocked a little and put the switch in a halfway spot making it spin with no grip. Duh.
Anyway, between the mouse shit, the drill gun, resting my leg and so on, this little bit that I did took much longer than anticipated. Hopefully tomorrow will go better.
Now it’s time for a pizza, it’s getting too dark in the house to work.

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