Pellet Stove

I’ve made my decision to get rid of this worthless pellet stove this spring, maybe sooner. I have propane forced air heating, so the ductwork runs under the floor, and if I have the pellet stove running, it warms the room but not the floor because the furnace doesn’t kick on, so that cold radiates around my feet making them cold. Also, I can’t stand the damn loud noise of the pellet stove. I only run it in the morning to warm the house and turn it off mid-morning. It takes about an hour to turn off, but what a relief it is once it’s off. Propane is fairly inexpensive here, and the cost of running the fans and such in the pellet stove being electric is much higher, electricity here is very high.
So, that piece of shit pellet stove is a goner.

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