Short Drive-about

I needed to get out and away from the house yesterday, so I took a quickish drive-about.  I’ve drive this route many times, and it’s always beautiful in the winter.  Drove up Arvon Rd.  and around to Silver Rd. then Indian Rd. and out to the Herman area.  After a good snowfall, it’s a wonderful drive.

Silver River from Silver Road.

Herman Road

Point Abbaye

Yesterday I was going to stay home and try to get a couple things done, but it was way too nice out so I headed out to Point Abbaye.  It was a nice sunny day with little to no wind, so I thought it was be a good day to fly the drone around the point.  I really miss being able to hike around, but with the way my hip is, all I can do is stand in one place.

Point Abbaye

Point Abbaye

Busy and Other Stuff

And once again I haven’t posted in a while… bad me.  I seem to post my photos and videos on Facebook, but neglect my blog.  Pure laziness.  We haven’t had much snow yet this year, which is quite unusual, so everything is a drab brown and not very pretty.  So I haven’t been out taking photos and such much at all.  I plan on getting out and about next week as I have three days off from work plus the weekend giving me 5 days.
Also, work has been putting me in quite a down mood.  One, they are having some company develop a new website and not evolving me, not at all, nothing.  Then two, my boss just put in his notice and I’m really worried what is going to happen now.

Anyway, here are some photos and videos I have taken over the past couple weeks in order of oldest to newest.

Evening Grosbeak – Male

Keweenaw Trust Cabin

Abbaye Point

Evening Grosbeaks

Cliff River Falls

Cliff River Falls

Northern Cardinal – Male

Northern Cardinal – Male

Rusty Blackbird

Rusty Blackbird


Time Flies

I can’t believe it’s been so long since my last post…Yikes.
Well, Autumn colors are over with here, now just leafless trees. We’ve had some snow, but here at the house not much. I do have about an inch on the ground this morning, but that’s sure to melt through the day.
Anyway, I guess I just post some photos and videos I’ve taken since my last post.

Black Bear Falls

Black Bear Falls

Black Bear Falls

Autumn Color – Back of Property

Saunder Lake

Sturgeon River Gorge Wilderness

Northern Cardinal

Grand Staircase Falls

Section of Grand Staircase Falls

Grand Staircase Falls

Grand Staircase Falls

Arrowhead Falls


Backwoods Color

Headed into the woods yesterday in hopes to find a couple waterfalls I’ve never seen. That didn’t happen, as the rain didn’t stop long enough, and I didn’t feel like getting soaking wet in the cold rain. So, it was a backwoods road photo kinda day.

The excitement of the day was seeing a moose, a big bull moose. Right at the US-41 end of Nestoria Herman Rd., the western entrance. The bull was standing on the other side of 41 on the trail that heads southwest. I couldn’t get a photo though. Just as I grabbed my camera, he started walking off into the woods. I sat there for about 20 minutes hoping he would come back out, but no dice.
I’ve seen many Moose, but this is the first in many years in Michigan.

Keweenaw – Again

Took another drive in the Keweenaw yesterday. The colors are pretty much at, or even a little past, peak. I stopped along cliff ridge. I was hoping to fly the drone out at Hunter’s Point Park in Copper Harbor, but it was way too busy, so I headed up Brockway Mountain and took some photos there.


Interesting Weekend

What a weekend, from Autumn colors to strong storms and power outages.

Friday I headed into the Keweenaw to check the colors out. In most areas there, they are at just about peak color. I drove straight up to Copper Harbor then down along the coast. Didn’t go up to Brockway Mountain due to way to busy with tourons. I took a few nice photos, and a video I quite like. Then headed home.
That evening, Friday, some thunder storms came rolling through… Yikes! These storms were the strongest I’ve ever seen in person. Also, most the area lost power, mine was out until Sunday morning. I lost two large trees out by the road, but that’s quite minor compared to what happened in L’Anse… They got hammered on.
Saturday I thought I might as well go out and about, no power at the house. Well, as I drove out and down my road that’s where the mess started… downed trees everywhere. I counted nine trees in just under a mile on my road and two snapped power poles. Once I got into L’Anse, holyshit! Must have been hundreds of trees either up-rooted or snapped in half, and they were everywhere, along with downed power lines. I continued on up to Big Erick’s bridge and then out Black Creek Rd and drove around on some two-tracks for a while. Then came home to a still powerless house.
Today, Sunday, I got woke up to a bright light in my eyes, it was the ceiling light. I have power again. Just before sunrise, I drove out my road to see what had been done, not much. The trees are still across the road, but there was two power service trucks parked. A little later I made a quick run to the hardware store, the trees are still down and the trucks are still there, but no-one working yet. There has been one of the snapped power pole replaced, but lines are still hanging very low.
Also this weekend, a couple of “friends” came to L’Anse to see the colors and stuff. They said they’d be getting a hold of me, yeah right. They called once where to go in the keweenaw and they would be getting a hold of me later. Nope. It’s is now 12:30 Sunday Afternoon and not a word. Fuck Them.

I have quite a few photos, some I’m photos now, others I still need to process them and then post later.

First some of the trees down by the storm…

Now Photos and video from the Keweenaw…

Now a couple from the two-tracks…

Autumn Colors

The Autumn colors are really kicking in. Some areas are just about at peak, while others are mostly green still.
Friday I drove up Huron Bay-Peshekee Rd knowing the colors would be popping there. I made my first stop for a couple photos and Shit! I forgot a SD card for my camera, that really sucked, and I wasn’t about to drive all the way back home to get one. I did have my drone and my cellphone, but I hate using a cellphone for proper photos, so I mostly just used the drone. I stopped at Haypress Falls to fly down into the area to see the falls, as it is, it’s quite difficult to see these falls without some major bushwhacking. I was pretty nervous  while flying. Lots of trees, rocks and I had to fly downward, so it was a little scary.
After Haypress, I continued north, flew the drone a couple more times for photos and then home. It was a full day.
Sunday I headed down Sidnaw and drove up to the Sturgeon River. I could fly the drone how I wanted due to heavy winds, but I still got some good stuff.
After Sturgeon River, I drove back south and over to Kenton and north on Forest Service Road 16, and then up to Pike Lake Road. Took some photos at Pike Lake, few the drone and headed toward home via Houghton. I was going to stop and get something to eat in Houghton, but every place I went by was packed, even the fast food joints had very long lines, so I just drove home.

Peshekee River

Peshekee River from the top of Haypress Falls

Autumn Painted Forest

Pequaming Point

Sturgeon River

Sturgeon River Area

Autumn Colored Road

Pike Lake

Pike Lake

Pike Lake

Painted Forest