Eli – Update

Well, Eli is still not doing well. I have found that it’s his right shoulder, maybe neck, that is hurting him. Aspirin does seem to help with his pain, that’s good I guess. If he’s not better tomorrow, I think he’ll need to go the vet and see what he has to say.
Just as I’m typing this, Eli cried out quickly with pain. It’s breaking my hart, as if I’m not broken enough.

Eli and Grizwald

I Thought

I thought there was hope
I thought things were going better
I thought I felt something
I thought heard some encouraging words
I thought there might be a new beginning
I thought there was love
I thought…


Now Eli is in pain, I think in his neck. Friday morning he woke up crying around 1:30 AM. Ever since then it seems like he can’t lift his head up all the way, and acting quite odd. I have to hold his treats down low so he can get them. He does go outside, but comes back in quite quick, that’s very unusual for him. All he does is lay down. It seems like maybe a pinched nerve in his neck, maybe.

Update – Not sure, but I think Eli is feeling a little better. I gave him an aspirin, so that could be helping…I hope so.

This is Eli with his “pet” moose in Alaska.


Too much pain to sleep, was up a midnight. My stomach is bloated and in pain making it quite hard to take a deep breath. Sorry for putting this out here, but I don’t have anyone else to talk to about it right now and just need to say something.
Update – Feeling a tiny bit better, but still not good. I wish I felt better, I’d love to go out for a drive or something.

Wanted To…

I wanted to get out and about today, but just not feeling that well. The past couple days I’ve had a hard time breathing, as if my stomach is full. So, I’m trying to get a few things done around the house slowly.
Also, the damn weather forecast was for temps pushing 50°, well it made it to 43° at about noon, but it’s been dropping since and now down to 39° at 1:30 PM with a cold breeze out of the east.

Update – Well, it did warmup and reached 50°, so I sat outside for a bit. While sitting outside, I fell asleep in the sun, it felt great.