Sleep Part Three

Well, I’ve gotten a couple more hours of sleep the past two nights, up at 3:00 AM instead of 1:00. That’s the good news.
Now for the bad, sort of. My main coffee maker has given up the ghost, and my french press has a crack in it. I ordered a new french press from Amazon that was to be delivered today, but just as my luck falls, it has been delayed for a day due to “mechanical failure”, whatever that is.
Ah well, that’s my life…Failure.

Sunrise in Bliss, MI


Once again, no sleep. Up at 1:30 AM. I seem to get one night of sleep a week these days, and Friday night was it. Ah well, who fucking cares anyway.
Wish I could go back in time to correct all my fuckups, and not repeat them. I know I’m not good looking and now getting old, but I do, I know I do, have a kind and caring heart, I didn’t show or use it is the problem. Your basic fuckup, that’s me.