Cleaning ’round The House

Today was the day to clean up our guest bedroom, was full of boxed stuff, and put all the boxes out in the garage, but first, we needed to clean out the garage. Most of the stuff in the garage was either stuff to throw away, or haul out to the shed, now my shop. 🙂 I have a good place to work on the cars back by the shed/shop, but my tools were in the garage, pain in the neck, having to walk back ‘n forth for tools. Now they are all out in the shop, I just need to get that organized now.

The weather lately has been quite predictable, nice in the morning and early afternoon, warm, then come later in the day, rain with thunderstorms pass through, then clearing in the evening. All in all, pretty damn nice.

More photos from yesterdays hike in Archangel Valley.

Random views

Wild flowers with a view

Views at over 4000 FT

There’s a river, a roaring river, under all those very large rocks

Very jagged peaks

Some birds

Golden-Crowned Sparrow

White-Crowned Sparrow

’til next time

Anchorage Bound

We’re headin’ up for a weekend 🙂
May 1st – May 4 is all, but it will give us a chance to look around a bit. We arrive in Anchorage at about 2:25pm Thursday and leave Anchorage at 4:30pm Sunday. This gives us 2 full days and most of a third. We’re staying at The Hotel Alyeska. The hotel is about 45 minutes to the south of Anchorage in Girdwood. The plan is to head north into the Mat-Su Valley the first day to check out Palmer and Wasila. Hopefully we’ll have time to drive up into Hatchers Pass to. The second day we’ll drive south toward the town of Kenai around Turnagain Arm thru the Kenai Mountains. Our last day, up till time of flight, we’ll spend in downtown Anchorage.

The City of Anchorage