Beam Be Done

It’s done. Took longer than I thought, but at least it’s finished.
Now I have a shit load to clean up, tools and such. All the dust from cutting and crap that fell from inside I cleaned up as I went.
It looks better than what the pictures show.

Beam Work Part Deux

Today’s beam work went better than yesterday, although slow. Before I got to work, I had to run to the hardware store and get more screws. I ended up doing some fine trimming with the Dremel to make a couple areas fit properly, and also used the Dremel to trim the existing (old) trim back from where to barn wood it going. I’ve had this Dremel Multi-Max for a number of years now, but this is the first time I’ve really used it, and wow, does it ever do a great job.
I didn’t get it finished, but shouldn’t take long now, now that I know what needs doing to finish it up.
All in all, I think it looks pretty good, and I’m happy with it.

Faux Beam

What a day! Today I started putting up a barn wood faux beam. The hardest part was taking all the old trim and crap off. While taking it apart, and on one side as I pulled the trim off, fucking seeds and mouse shit starts falling, a fucking shit load of it, from between the drywall. It’s all old and dried up, and I can tell it from before I moved in because all the seeds are the cheap stuff that I never buy. Did these fucktards just let the mice run? WTF???
Okay, so I got all that shit cleaned up, now it was time to start cutting and putting up the wood. One end I had done the other day, today I got the other end up, so now it’s the top parts. Well, that was a little tricky. I wedged one end of a 12 foot board on to the end piece, walked it back to rest on my step ladder, climbed the ladder with the board and put a quick screw in, just enough to hold it in place. Then went to the other end, lined it up and screwed it in, and worked my way back to the other end. Not an easy job. This took me quite a while, one just to figure out how I was going to do it, and two, I thought my screw gun broke. I tried using a really large drill, but it was too much, and I couldn’t find my older screw gun. Well, it turned out just to be a switch on the top of the screw gun that I must have knocked a little and put the switch in a halfway spot making it spin with no grip. Duh.
Anyway, between the mouse shit, the drill gun, resting my leg and so on, this little bit that I did took much longer than anticipated. Hopefully tomorrow will go better.
Now it’s time for a pizza, it’s getting too dark in the house to work.

Aaarrgghh !

Aaarrgghh !
Winterizing things around the house and I start looking at the pellet stove flue outside. The jackass that I bought the place from put some of the flue pipes for the pellet stove in backwards and just caulked around the joints that didn’t fit correctly. Now I’ve been redoing the whole damn thing. At least I have the flue nice a clean now.
I keep finding more crap around here that has been done completely backasswards and have to redo them.

Barn Wood Window Awning

So… Any time it rains I get rain coming in my front windows, many due to the eaves not sticking out far enough and they are quite low, so any wind help blow it in. I’ve looked online for simple samples of awnings made of wood, I’ve found a few. Today I made one, a large one. The awning is 72 inches wide to cover the width of the windows, plus a little, and 30 inches deep, though that’s on a 18° angle, so it doesn’t stick out quite that much. I have it all assembled, though all but the end boards are not connected yet, and ready to be put up. Right now it’s too damn hot out, 86°F, to do much else, so mounting it will have to wait until tomorrow.
I’m hoping it looks okay on the logs of the house.

The first image is one of the samples I found. The other images are of the almost finished awning.

This is the sample.

What To Do…

I was planning on getting out and about today, but on second thought, with the bugs being so bad this year and things I should get done around the house, I think I’ll stick around. Besides, it’s been so damn hot I haven’t been able to do anything, so I guess it’s time to get some things done.
Yesterday I started to pull off the fucked up flashing along the edge of the roof. I got a shorter section done mostly to see how much of a job it is, it wasn’t bad. So, I figure I’ll get to the longest section torn off today. I hate being up on the ladder, never have been all that stable on them, and if I fall, who would ever even know, for days, or weeks. Oh well I guess.

Update: Fucking Asshole! I just got things ready to start at the flashing tear down on the longer side of the house (to the left of the front door). I haven’t been up there since winter, well now I know why during winter and a little ice buildup the roof leaks… he put fucking nails all over the fucking place right out on the surface of the flashing and they are all open to the weather.
Stupid motherfucker!
This is going to be a much larger job than I thought with all these fucking nails.

Update: Well the front side of the house is done, and it sure looks hella better. I still have the back to do, but the flashing only runs about half way and it’s in much better shape, so it should go much faster. The bottom two pictures are of some of the flashing when it was still on.

Here’s another photo of a daylily I took yesterday. I tried some focus stacking on this one where you take multible shot but focus on different parts and then stack them together in Photoshop to make one image with all in focus. It sort of worked.