Beautiful Day

It is, it is a beautiful day out. We have bright sunny skies with a temp of 43°F at 1:00 PM and rising. It is quite windy out though, so it does feel as warm as it is. Wish I could enjoy the day, but I have to work and I really can’t do much anyway. These temps should hold through to the first part of next week, then it will get colder again. Some forecasters are saying we could see an early spring, we’ll see how that goes, but I sure would like to see it.
I’ll try and update this blog more often.


I haven’t been posting much lately because I haven’t been doing anything. My sciatica is still really bothering me and I’m in too much pain to do a damn thing. I’ve been doing the exercises my chiropractor has told me to do, but they don’t seem to be working. So, this is why I haven’t been posting anything, there isn’t anything to post about.

Snow Moon

Last night I was able to get a couple shot of the Snow Moon / Super Moon.
This is the first time in quite a while I’ve used my camera. I really miss being able to go out and take photos, it’s really the only joy I have.

Nice While It Lasted

We haven’t had any snowfall in quite a few days, maybe a week. It sure was nice not having to shovel or use the snowblower. That all ended today. Right now we’re getting some pretty heavy snowfall, but at least it’s light and fluffy. We’re forecast to get up to 6 inches, maybe more. If the snow stops sometime today, I’ll try to get it cleaned up, other wise it will be tomorrow and tomorrow is forecast to be quite a nice sunny day. With my back and leg issues/pain, I fucking hate winter.


Yesterday I took the day off to fix my snowblower shifter cable. That turned out to be a piece of cake easy. Before fixing the snowblower I went into Houghton shopping at WallyWorld because I needed a couple extra things besides groceries. I needed to stop many times due to my legs, as the pain was too much to walk. I barely made it around the store. After getting home, I unloaded the car one trip at a time and rest, then another trip and rest. The pain in my legs is changing a lot, but the pain is getting worse and this time while unloading the car my right leg went completely numb to the point where I couldn’t even feel if I had any weight on it. Very strange feeling. This was the first time the numbness happened and I think it’s from the drive. So that sure as hell rules out going anywhere this weekend for a drive. I’m getting really distraught of this. I tried some Hemp Oil, but that didn’t do a damn thing to help. Monday I have some proper CBD oil and rub coming in hopes that will help a little. I’m at the point where I can’t do anything, and I mean anything.


I wake up this morning to find more fucking snow. I was hoping to relax or do something I wanted to, but that isn’t going to happen today. Now I have to snow blow the drive way again of this fucking wet heavy snow. The temps have been a nice break from the cold winter temps, but it makes the snow very wet and heavy.

Driveway done, 3 1/2 hours later. Under normal conditions it only takes me about 45 minutes, but with this shitty wet snow and a fucked up back, it takes much longer. It’s starting to snow again, and pretty heavy.
Also, I snapped the Traction Control Cable (the cable that controls the speed). Now it only goes forward and at full speed. At least it’s forward and not stuck in reverse. It’s a cheap easy fix, just kind of sucks.


Trying to get the snow off the roof today. I got about 3 more fucking inches of very wet and heavy snow last night and this morning. I have about half the roof done on the front side of the house, as much as I can get with the snow rake. The back of the house doesn’t have as much snow due to it melting more because one, it’s facing the south and gets more warmth, and two, all the roof vents are on that side so it melts the snow more. Where I can’t reach with the snow rake the snow is quite deep and I need to get up there with a shovel, and my leg fucking hurts like a motherfucker when I’m up there with the roof angle/slope. Oh, and the driveway probably should be cleared to.
I haven’t been out of the house, with exception of going to the grocery store, in weeks, many weeks. I always have too much fucking shit to do here. This house is fucking piece of shit and I fucking hate it. If I could move, I would, but there is no goddamn way I can. I keep slowly trying to make it a home, but it’s so hard.

Update: Okay, I give up, I can’t do the roof. I got the ice off the eves, but that’s all I can do. I just contacted someone I saw advertising on Facebook Marketplace in L’Anse. Hopefully he’ll be able to come and not charge much.